This thesis examines the establishment of the screen into the personal space within the framework of the modern digital era. The main research inquiry attempts to define to which extend the personal space is violated, given the ever increasing influence of new communication media and social media. More specifically, it touches on issues of exposing one’s privacy, digital surveillance, familiarization with the culture of voyeurism, the indiscernible boundaries between physical and digital space and the compression of space-time dimensions, in the context of the everyday. In the first part of the text is the description and analysis of my personal art exhibition, which took place in the context of the thesis and is entitled Behind the screen. The exhibition consists of three individual digital artworks, Visitors, Confined sunlight and Screenshot. The second part of the text analyzes the theoretical concerns which the entire visual work revolves around, with parallel reference to other exhibitions or individual visual works which were carried out with the use of new media, raising similar concerns. The purpose, through the specific sections is to explore the gradual changes the persona space has undergone due to the influence of new communication media and social networking, as well as the consequences of this phenomenon in social and political level through the lens of new media visual arts from the 1960 to date.