Kato at To Pikap in Thessaloniki


Fifteen artists are participating in a group exhibition that is taking place in the new art space of To Pikap, a well-loved bar in Thessaloniki that also acts as a hub for local artists. The new space is called Kato (below in Greek) and its first exhibition takes its name literally in order to explore ideas of basement archives, storage of memories, fears and the unknown. Curated by Maria Andrikopoulou and Nelly Palaiogianni, the exhibition will unfold in four separate sections, each lasting 13 days: Archive from 09 – 21 September, Observatory from 23 September – 05 October, Psychological Basement from 07 – 19 October and Dystopias from 21 October – 02 November. In a city with very few alternative venues for visual art, this is a very welcome new entry indeed.

Participating artists: Dimitris Ameladiotis, Maria Andrikopoulou, Christos Venetis, Mpampis Venetopoulos, Vasilis Galanis, Giorgos Gerontidis, Katerina Dania, Rafael Jilavian, Kyriakos Katzourakis, Hara Kerasta, Georgia Pilali, Thanasis Sampatziotis, Ioanna Tsigara, Maria Tsiroukidou, Eirini Fotiadi-Efstathiou