2023 | installation | video on mobile phone and tablet screens| variable dimensions

The gaze of passersby and people on public transports shifts downwards.  While staring at a mobile phone screen, the ceaseless “updates” continue and waste of time is eliminated. The sky is increasingly overlooked.

The installation Are there clouds in the sky? consists of mobile phone screens that reproduce videos of the sky from different places around the world, at different times of the day. The videos are collected from familiar individuals of the artist and are played back as they were recorded, without editing. The devices are placed on the floor, at the courtyard of the exhibition space. This unfamiliar place, usually neglected and inaccessible to the building’s residents, is activated through the artwork. The digital screens (mobile phones and tablets) on the ground allude to mirrors that reflect the sky. Regardless of the time of the exhibition visit, the devices reproduce images in the daylight. The convention of time is questioned in the timeless digital space. After all, how do these “navigation devices” contribute to our perception of the “outside”? Are they a means of remote connection or distortion?

exhibition: “Gaze shift“,PHĒNO, Curated by PHĒNO, Thessaloniki, GR
Photos: PHĒNO