2019-2023 | installation | mixed media | variable dimensions |

The surface of the desk has transformed into a study of urban remnants. Through the practice of walking and short stops for “excavations”, the artist collects abandoned or overlooked fragments, often obscured by the optical noise. She reconstructs various multi-sensorial maps of the city – not of a specific city, but of the city as an experience, as a sense of place. Wall coatings, building materials, leaf prints and small weeds, preserved as mementoes in a box,  serve as studies of matter and  texture, condensing time and experience.

In a context that activates most of the senses (sight, touch, smell, movement), Reconstruction #5 incorporates elements of sound (hearing) in collaboration with the work The Sense of Place. Fragments of sounds collected from seven different places where the artist has stayed are combined to create a soundscape, a personal impression of the city.

exhibition:  “Gaze shift“,PHĒNO, Curated by PHĒNO, Thessaloniki, GR