2015 | Installation | Mixed media | Variable Dimensions

Cultivating land is not just a human technique. Dating back in time- at the birth of agriculture- 12-13.000 years ago, this activity created a permanent settlement in regions and led human beings to the creation of the first communities; created in common traits met in today’s society communities. Rituals are one of these traits, used as a medium for connecting the parts of society to a whole. This whole has to reconcile the person to the community in a two-way process.

Somebody could claim that even the cultivation of the land constitutes a form of ritual; that is, its traits are still evident irrespectively of technological developments.

Agricultural activities are a habitual activity in my homeland. This fact has formulated my perception of nature; nature as an object provided for observation and admiration but at the same time as an object of research to its relevance to human beings. All these traits render “Harvesting” an experimental project.

The realization of the artistic installation lies in a ritual and manual procedure. Each part of the installation is constructed separately achieving a level of independence/autonomy thanks to its form, shape, and color. During the creative procedure the image of nature functions as a remembrance/memory. The parts of the installation are presented as pieces of land, organized in a whole round unit of alternating colors, underlying the perpetual cycle of the seasons.